Man offers date with step-daughter and ticket to Vols game on Craigslist

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) A man trying to help his step-daughter score a date posted her picture on Craig's List, asking for men to send in a resume and picture of themselves to take her on a date to the Vols/Gator game this weekend.

Jessica Flanagan, the 27 year-old step-daughter doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she thinks it's pretty funny. That's probably good, since one of the qualifications on the list is that the gentleman needs to have a sense of humor.

The ad is pretty clear. It says that anyone who fits a certain criteria will get a free ticket to watch the Vols take on Florida this weekend. The man only needs to pay for dinner and drinks and spend time with an attractive, single, well-educated woman.

The responses came flooding in.

"It's been pretty overwhelming. They just keep coming in left and right. I think I've got pretty close to 300 emails," Flanagan said.

This isn't the first time her step-father Gary Yates has pulled a stunt to try and get his daughter a good guy. Yates is an airline pilot who has been known to announce on the plane's intercom when his daughter is flying. Flanagan said he's announced where she is sitting and the type of guy she's looking for. She said that's embarrassing.

With a cutoff of midnight Wednesday, Mr. Right will need to hurry and respond if he wants a chance to enjoy a date with Flanagan, or to catch a Vols game from the 40 yard line.

Either way, you can bet dad will have a close eye on the lucky winner.

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