Man proposes to fiance' in Regal Cinema

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)--"There's a lot of little things that could go wrong, waiting in anticipation of getting it done, but
no I'm not nervous."

Wes Spurling is about to pop the question. He's planned this one moment for
months with a little of our help.

Waiting in the West Town Mall Regal theater is fiancé Melanie Delozier.
She has no idea what's about to take place. this is what she'll see first. A mock newscast from Alan Williams, then it was time.

"This is the moment..Melanie Delozier will you marry me? hummm..

"yes! awesome!"

This couple meeting 30 years ago, now reconnecting. .

"Alot of relief now? Yes! I'm not dragging my feet anymore am I? no, I guess not..congratulations
thank you!"
And just like in the movies, Prince Charming gets his Cinderella. Now they're ready to live happily ever after.

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