Man robs elderly couple using tomahawk

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A man armed with a tomahawk forced his way inside a home and now a guy in Campbell County faces charges. This home invasion happened on Duff Road near Jellico. Police say Larry Satterfield burst into the home of an elderly couple and ripped them off. Neighbors say they're concerned for the folks living in the neighborhood.

Pete Santiago says, "People bringing drugs into the area. If they can't find any money, they take from anybody whether they have money, jewelry or whatever."

Santiago lives near the elderly man and woman who robbed. Police say Larry Satterfield pushed his way in with a tomahawk about 7 o'clock Wednesday night running off with jewelry and pills.

Even though they have padlocks and security cameras on the house, the robber still barged in.

Pete Santiago isn't scared for himself. Santiago says, "I'm an ex-military instructor and I believe in shoot first, ask questions later."

Santiago wants to see more police in his neighborhood.

Santiago says, "After all I pay taxes just like everyone else and it's my right to demand protection."

It's not the first time this couple has experienced bad luck. They lost everything in a fire two months ago.

Police arresred Satterfield at his home in LaFollette. He'll soon face armed robbery charges. Cops tracked him down because the elderly couple called 9-1-1 and left the phone off the hook so dispatchers could hear the whole thing.

Santiago tells me they do look out for one another, but he wants to start a formal neighborhood watch program.