Man steals car with baby inside

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A wild story unfolded Friday morning when a local mom walked into Weigles and left her baby inside the running car. When she came back, both the baby and the car were gone.

He's a student at Hardin Valley Academy and was eating breakfast at McDonald's. When he walked out, he noticed baby Bentley Davis in the back seat all alone. Here's how it all started.

It was a frantic couple of hours Friday morning. At 6:30 police say this white Chevrolet Cavalier dropped off this man. Then he jumped into this Dodge Neon as the owner, Amanda Davis, went inside this Weigels. The only problem is there was a 4 month-old baby asleep in the backseat. VLT's Pete Michaels was the first to report it on the morning show, "The police department is looking for someone who may have stolen a car. Just moments ago at Merchants Road. And Tillery with a small child inside the car."

We heard on it on the scanners. We confirmed it and an hour and a half later. Before the amber alert could get out, a woman at McDonalds recognized the car. KPD Spokesperson Darrell DeBusk says, "The media was great about getting the information out. Both on tv, radio, web and social media. All of that played an important role in finding the car as quickly as we did."

Zach Luttrell had just finished eating breakfast with his friends and he says, "We walked out about 7:20. We were going to get into our trucks and saw a baby and it was by itself and that was kinda odd."

They didn't know the car was stolen. All they knew was that a car was running with a baby alone in the back. Luttrell says, "It was right near our truck so we just looked in there and it was by itself. It was just sitting there not really doing anything. I couldn't believe it that somebody would leave thier baby."

The child Bentley Davis is now back with his mom, Amanda. She'll have to wait to get her Dodge Neon back. Police hope they find enough evidence to track down the suspect and the driver of the Chevy Cavalier.

Officers haven't found the suspect yet, nor the driver of the cavalier.