Man thanks sheriff's deputies for saving his family

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A man accused of attacking his wife and 9 month-old baby, holding them with a loaded shotgun will be held himself without bond.

The victim's father is now talking about what happened to his daughter that night.

Gleaming shards of glass are scattered on the concrete.

It may be from December but, they remain here as a reminder of how close a mother and son came to losing their lives.

And now, Winston Burbage tells Local 8 News his daughter and grandson are lucky to be alive.

You may remember, it happened at Brookside Apartments off Chapman Highway.

Deputies say 33-year-old Phillip McWilliams threatened his wife with a gun while their 9-month-old was sleeping downstairs.

McWilliams fired one shot through the back door of the apartment that's, when Chesney grabbed her son and locked herself in a room.

Burbage says she had to hold up against the door with her baby to keep McWilliams out.

He says a Sevier County Sheriff's Deputy got Chesney and Baby Emory to safety.

"There's police all over the place and we find out that our daughter and grandson had almost been killed and the entire thing was so surreal. We took her and Emory home and got them safe.."

Deputies arrested McWilliams that night after he barricaded himself inside for over an hour.

Burbage was so grateful to the sheriff's department for saving his family, he presented them with a plaque of gratitude.

McWilliams is in jail without bond. He's facing several charges.

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