Massage parlor shut down for prostitution

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Knoxville Police and District Attorney General Randall Nichols served a warrant to temporarily shut down the Smile Spa on Clinton Highway after months of investigation led them to believe that the spa was also a place for organized prostitution.

Investigators made the bust Monday morning, after saying that several undercover officers were offered sexual acts in return for money since the undercover operation began in late May.

Now the windows and doors to the spa are boarded shut, and several signs are posted, warning that no one is allowed to enter the building.

Neighboring business owner, AJ, runs a used car lot. He said he never suspected something like prostitution to be happening right next door. He watched from his car lot as the police swarmed the building next door.

"I started seeing more and more undercover cars and undercover police officers start showing up. I figured something major, something bad was happening," AJ said.

According to paperwork stapled to the front door of Smile Spa by investigators, business owner Jung Park, and property owners Joseph and Lehang Vinh are ordered to be in court September 30th. The court order says those owners will be given a chance to explain why Smile Spa should not be shut down permanently.

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