Memorial held for Bean Station shooting victims

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Bean Station, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A year ago today, tragedy hit at Down Home Pharmacy in Bean Station.

Investigators say Jason Holt tried to steal prescription pills and shot four people inside the pharmacy in the process-- killing Stephen Lovell and Richard Sommerville.

Friends, family and the Bean Station community came together to share support through the tears as two trees were planted in Lovell's and Sommerville's honor at Harris Court Park.

"Every time I walk through the door I look at his chair. I used to see him sitting there in his big bright orange shirt. Now there's an emptiness," said Sommerville's son-in-law Robert Frick.

Bean Station Mayor Terry Wolfe says he hoped to help fill some of that emptiness with this memorial.

Holt's trial is scheduled to begin September 30.

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