Meth labs become costly

Pigeon Forge Police say they found a meth lab Smoky Shadows Motel. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Four people have been arrested after a meth lab was found at a Pigeon Forge hotel.

Pigeon Forge Police say they got information that lead them to the Smoky Shadows Motel on the Parkway Thursday about 2pm.

Police arrested Theodore Collett, 49, of Kodak, Christopher Wise, 44, of Kodak, Cheryl Dexter, 65, of Knoxville, and Pamela Alders, 34, of White Pine. All face various drug charges.

Dale Helton, project manager at Hepaco in Knoxville has cleaned up meth houses for 10 years. He says it's not easy to get rid of the dangers cooking meth can leave behind.

"We can get out what we need to get out, which is the furnishings, the carpet drapery, bedding, linens, Personal items, clothing, all of that has to be removed and destroyed," said Helton. "Make sure you call someone certified by the state of TN to do the clean up."

Helton says tests will show just how much has to be cleaned. He says the clean up will cost property owners a thousands of dollars to clean up.

"My advice to a property owner check your homeowner and see if it covers anything like that. Be very wary of renters," said Helton.

Matt Duncan, Owner Bio-Meth Management says not cleaning the residue can be deadly if breathed over time.

"Everyone of those chemicals, if you want to look at how hazardous they are to you, are all hazardous to come degree.all the way from causing rashes, all the way to causing cancer," said Duncan.

Once officers quarantine a property you can't live in it until it's been cleaned.

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