Mobile Meals prepares for a sequester hit

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- The list is long and getting longer.

Full of stories with hidden names, Mr. M "diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease" it reads, "he can use his microwave...but often forgets to eat."

Its the waiting list for Mobile Meals. Fifty strong and counting.

And with the sequester looming that list is taking center stage.

"These cuts are going to take what's already a difficult situation," CAC Director Barbara Kelly tells me, "that much worse for people who need these services to be stable, be safe, be secure."

If the government sequester hits then the Center on Aging will take a $1,000,000 cut. That's just in Knox County.

They are preparing for the sequester to go into effect and only hope they can protect meals for the 900 that get them now.