Mobile food pantry feeds hundreds

LENOIR CITY, Tennessee. (WVLT)-- People lined up as early as 8 Saturday morning for a ticket, which meant they got some food and maybe some warm clothes.

Herman Ryan, 73, is ticket number 153.

"I'm out here to get my food and everything," he says as he waits 30 degree weather.

He lost his wife a few years ago, not it's just him at home, but he's facing medical problems and with the bills piling up that means food doesn't always get put on the table.

"It's very important because I lost my wife in 2010 and I'm there by myself," he says.

The food is from Second Harvest. Central United Methodist and First Farragut United Methodist Churches sponsored the event.

"We've always thought it was important to have a food ministry," says April Dugger, a volunteer, "we're glad to be able to do it this way, we're just extra blessed we're also able to do the clothing at the same time."

Along with baskets full of food, some people were given coats. .

"It feels pretty good to help other people," says Gus Hughes, 8. Even the youngest volunteers made a big difference.

Herman says he's grateful for events like this one, "I think it's very nice that they do it and try to help people."

Both churches say they hope to do many more events, just like this one.

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