Moms upset with prom dresses from Knoxville store

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Several moms say a Knoxville prom dress shop is jerking them around. The moms emailed us after they heard our invitation to join our morning meeting. Tina asked us to investigate. We checked into it and here's what we found out.

This looks like the perfect prom dress for Erica. It cost more than $400. Tina ordered the dress from Knoxville Prom 101 last December, but tells us she got the runaround. Tina Atkinson says, "I told her it's the first week of March and you owe me my dress. And asked her is the dress ready? She said no. It'll be ready at the end of March. I went back and there was no dress. I called several times and got several excuses like my machine is broken or someone is sick or another excuse why she didn't have it."

Now she has it, but it doesn't look too special. The alterations are shoddy and there are holes in the dress. Atkinson says, "I have to go get this re-altered and spend more money and it's prom next weekend."

Angela also ordered from the same store. Her daughter's ruffled dress is beige, but she's stuck with something she didn't order.
Angela Martinez says, "I went in on March 31 and she said she ordered it, but the dress never came in. We called April first and had to go down there and pick out another dress cause she wouldn't return our money."

The owner gave her shoes, but Angela claims one buckle was broken and the strap ripped. Store owner Reca Cagle says these are the only girls who are not satisfied adding sometimes the manufacturer doesn't have a dress. Store Owner Reca Cagle says, "If the gown has a defect, we'll discount it somewhat. I try to be an honest business woman. We want to do what we say we're going to do and we'll do whatever we need to to take care of the girls."

The families we talked to say it's too close to prom to get other dresses, so they'll have to keep them. They also say their daughters' proms won't be as special as they hoped.

Knoxville Prom 101 closes in May after prom season. Reca Cagle she says she'll re-open next year somewhere in Turkey Creek because other customers want her to return.

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