Monroe County deals with flooded roads

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MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Standing water and "road closed" signs were common sites around Monroe County on Tuesday, thanks to the heavy rain.

Roads turned into lakes in many places, and against emergency official warnings, some tried driving through the standing water.

Tim Riber couldn't make it through the flooding on Mannis Road.

"I was just going to go up to my buddy's - I guess I'm going around," he said.

Drivers called the flooded roads a major inconvenience.

For the Garrens, a simple trip to Walmart meant a long detour:

"It's about five miles shorter going this way than what it is going the other way to town. This way is a lot quicker for us," said Richard Garren.

For Jospeh Decker, a Polk County volunteer firefighter, it was a long night of clearing debris from roads, and a tough time driving through Tellico Plains on his way home from work.

"Well, I thought the water had subsided and you can see behind me - it's still in the road a little bit, but this is the shortest way to get home," said Decker.

"It's really bad - one of the worst times I've ever seen it right here right now - but it's been raining for several days and it hasn't let up much," said Garren.

Everyone is hoping the weather - and the roads - clear up soon.

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