Montgomery Village creates GED program for residents

Studies show high school dropouts commit more than 75% of crimes.
Every year , more than one million students never finish high school.
Studies say Spanish and Black students are less likely to graduate than Asian and Whites.

The areas where many students drop out are called *dropout factories and Montgomery Village in Knoxville is one of them.

"We have 10% of our residents who don't have their GED," said Tonja Warren.

Even more have no education at all.

"In this area - as well as low income housing areas it's important. It gives them a sense of achievement," said Warren.

Giving them skills they can use to help get jobs. That's why Montgomery Village teamed up with a local organization to give folks access to computers.

"I think it's a great opportunity it's a great fit. I think one thing will feed into another," said Lacresha Mckinney-Dye.

It's a program that costs $11,000 - but the price tag doesn't outweigh the value.

"This program is in the community within walking distance. They'll see daily the affects it'll have," said Lilita Smith.

With dropouts being more prone to turn into crooks, the group is hoping more will use education as their weapons.

If you would like to help out. You can call Tonja Warren at 865-577-5555.

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