Morristown police crack down on most wanted

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MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) - The police force is setting new records with it's criminal apprehension unit

"We're going to go aggressively after these lawbreakers, we're going to track them down and we're going to arrest them," said Major Gary Lowe.

The unit hit the streets of Morristown 96 days last year, up about 400 percent from the year before. That meant a new record of more than 200 arrests and safer streets for the people who live here.

The unit started in 2008. Since then, it's made 778 arrests and served more than 1,000 warrants.

This year's new focus pulled more patrol officers from normal duties, but Lowe said the department hasn't suffered. It does, however, plan to hire a few new officers this year.

"Everywhere you look we see crime. We're fed up with crime. We're wanting to protect our citizens. We're wanting to protect our community," said Lowe.

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