"Mother of Dog" Knoxville billboard urges owners to spay and neuter

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A new billboard campaign here in Knoxville urges pet-owners to go ahead and get their pet fixed. The sign features dog dressed like the Virgin Mary stands alongside the words "Mother of Dog! Don't Wait for Divine Intervention. Spay or Neuter Today."

"The Virgin Mary's pregnancy was unexpected, but if you don't get your cats and dogs 'fixed,' it's careless and thoughtless and adds to the homeless-animal crisis," says PETA Director of Communications Colleen O'Brien.

PETA said the campaign comes just in time for Christmas. The animal rights organization claims Its point is "allowing dogs and cats to breed—something not very mystical but predictable if they are not spayed or neutered—means no room at the inn for millions of animals every year."

Its solution is simple: get your pet fixed and everyone will have a divine home.

"The best Christmas present that you can give dogs or cats is to
make sure that they have loving families, which means not bringing more into a world where there aren't enough good homes to go around."

According to numbers provided by PETA, an estimated six to eight million lost, abandoned, or unwanted dogs and cats go to animal shelters every year and roughly half of them are euthanized. It claims one unspayed female and her offspring can produce 370,000 cats in just seven years and one unneutered dog can produce a limitless number of puppies.

Also, spaying and neutering can be good for your pet, the group argues. It said spaying eliminates the stress and discomfort females feel during heat and can reduce or eliminate uterine and mammart cancer, while neutering makes males less likely to roam or fight and prevent testicular cancer.

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