Move-in day at UT

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Move-n day is always organized chaos: people everywhere, carts loaded with clothes, electronics, blankets and pillows, and a lot of excitement.

"It's like a madhouse -there's so many people here! But it's exciting! Luckily I live on the second floor, so we're just carrying all of our things upstairs and don't have to wait for the elevator - just moving in!" said Suzannah Ward, a freshman.

"I'm moving in - I've been buying stuff for months and now it's just all kind of coming together," said Rachel Ross, who is also a freshman.

UT staff and community volunteers helped unload cars and answer questions - even Chancellor Jimmy Cheek helped out. He's excited for the class of 2017.

"It's the largest class we've had in at least a decade - we have about 100 more freshman than we did last year. I'm very pleased with the class - it's a very academically talented class," said Cheek.

Students spent the day unpacking and organizing their dorms:

"We lofted our beds, so it gave us a little bit more room - it's kind of like a living room and a bed and a kitchen and a bathroom all in the same little area," said freshman Zack Crystal.

They're all excited to get their first semester underway, but there's also a few nerves.

"Classes are going to be a little bit harder than what I've experienced in high school I'm sure," said freshman Peyton Robinette.

"I am nervous, but it's a really good nervous. I think it's nervous because it's a really big change, but it's a really good thing so I'm excited," said Ward.

And of course, everyone is looking forward to watching the Vols.

"Tailgating and everything, just the whole cameraderie of Saturdays are going to be crazy," said freshman Alex Matheny.

"I've actually never been to a UT Football game, so I'm excited to experience that for the first time," said Crystal.

"Go Vols!" said Robinette.

There are activities going on all over campus this week to get students familiar with UT. You can check them out:

Classes start Wednesday.