Nearby businesses left in dark after UT shooting

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When there's a crime on or near UT Campus, the university alerts students and employees, but no one else. After a triple shooting Tuesday night in Fort Sanders, a lot of businesses on the strip, and folks living nearby who aren't students started to ask why they can't sign up for those same alerts.

We called Chipotle restaurant to get some information on the shooting after we got a tip about it. It was all going down in thier backyard, but the workers had no idea a shooter was on the loose. They weren't the only ones.

Corner Market on 13th owner Mike Harb says, "My first customer told me about it."

Mike Harb owns Corner Market on 13th just blocks from the crime scene. He didn't hear about the shooting until the next day.
Harb says, "It's bothersome. I like to know what's going on in the area especially if it affects my customers."

UT students got this alert about 15 minutes after officers arrived.
To register for those messages you need a UT email address. People like Mike who live and work nearby also want to be notified.
Harb says, "I would like very much to be on it because I'm part of the University area."

This thai and sushi restaurant is also in the Fort Sanders area.
They heard about the shooting from their customers and servers who are students. As soon as they learned about it, they locked the doors and closed the restaurant. If it weren't for word of mouth, they wouldn't know what's going on around them. Poopay Yupa says, "Police actually never tell us anything."

UT Police told Local 8 they sent emails and a text message. Again, they say the only people who can sign up to receive alerts have to have a UT email address. So, that means parents don't get them either.