Neighbor describes rowdy party hosted by UT football players

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A current and former UT player struck deals in a Knox County courtroom this morning after a rowdy party arrest.

Current Vol Danny O'Brien will have to do 40 hours of community service. Afterwards, charges of underage consumption, resisting arrest and criminal impersonation will be dropped in six months as long as O'Brien stays out of trouble.

Former Vol Dontavis Sapp reached a similar deal. District attorneys agreed to drop charges of resisting arrest and purchasing alcohol for a minor after 32 hours of community service and good behavior after six months.

Vol linebacker A.J. Johnson will be in court tomorrow.

Two UT football players and one former athlete found themselves locked behind bars after a rowdy party Saturday night.

We're told 80 to 90 people were celebrating in an apartment at Quarry Trail.

One neighbor says she's not surprised someone called the cops.

She tells Local 8 News she was sitting in her bedroom and felt like she was in the middle of the party.

"I was in my room watching Netflix and it was so loud it felt like the walls were moving."

AJ Johnson, 22, Danny O'Brien, 22, and former Vol, Dontavis Sapp spent the night in jail on Saturday.

Deputies say their wild party was too loud and involved underage drinking.

"I heard some stuff at 7-ish, that's kind of early for them."

This neighbor wanted to remain anonymous, but tells us partying isn't unusual from that apartment.

"They have parties before, but not that bad."

Deputies say the first call came in just after midnight.

"I heard the music go down for like 10 minutes, that must have been when the cops were there, then it went right back up."

That led deputies to make a second visit, this time things got nasty.

According to the report, Sapp looked drunk and when deputies tried to arrest him, Johnson and Sapp struggled with deputies and tried to run away.

O'Brien showed a fake ID from Alabama, just one of the reasons they took him in. He too, faces resisting arrest charges.

So, we asked around campus, is this just another college party or should these athletes be held to a higher standard?

Kayla Chesney says partying in college will never stop, "For whatever reason I feel the athletes have the most reason to party celebrate every win."

Eric J Sparks says these athletes actions shouldn't reflect the university, "Those individual football players made that choice."

"We focus way too much on athletics and partying when we should be focusing on academics," says Chesney.

Evidence of pot was also found at the party, but deputies are unsure where it came from.

All three arrested are due in court next week.

11 non-football players were also cited in the incident.

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