Crimetracker: Neighbors react to Bean Station shooting

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BEAN STATION, Tenn. (WVLT) Many lives were touched by the pharmacy shootings in Bean Station.
It's a small town, and word spread fast.

Police say 37-year old Jason Holt robbed a large amount of pills from the pharmacy and shot four people.

The shooting killed pharmacy owner Stephen Lovell and customer Richard Alexander Sommerville. Two other women inside were injured.

We talked to neighbors in Morristown, where Lovell lived with his family until a few months ago.

They are shocked and stunned. They said Lovell only took over the pharmacy recently, so when neighbors heard the shooting was at Down Home Pharmacy, they all had a bad feeling.

They said lovell was a great guy, with two sons and a daughter, calling them the All-American family.

None of them could fathom the horror of what happened inside the pharmacy.

Nikki Helton was at the shopping center after the shooting, and talked to the daughter of the second person killed, Richard Sommerville.

She said he only went in to get lotion to treat poison ivy, with his wife shopping nearby.

"She said you wouldn't think it would happen here, but it did," said Helton. "I've got three babies and it's just too close to home. You know and what he (Holt) was going in for it's ruining everybody. It's sad it's scary."

None of the neighbors Local 8 News spoke to wanted to go on camera, saying what happened today was just too awful to imagine.

They couldn't help but tear up when thinking about Lovell's three young children, who will now grow up without a father.

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