Neighbors watch as police chase comes to an end

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A police chase started in Jefferson County, and passed through Sevier County before finally ending in Knox County. Cops finally cuffed the suspect in Mechanicsville at the corner of Moses Street and Brandau Avenue. Police say the 21 year old was on the run because he stole a pick-up truck. Police say Stephen Vandergriff stole a black S-10 in Grainger County. When cops spotted him in a Jefferson county, Vandergriff took off.

Neighbors rushed to their windows and saw blue and red lights flashing. Michael Hill says, "It's a whole bunch of stuff that goes on on Western Avenue, but nothing like that happened in front of my house like that."

A three county chase came to an abrupt end on Michael Hill's street. Officers arrested Stephen Vandergriff. Hill says, "I heard a bad crash. The person bailed out of his car. Then about 5-10 seconds after that they captured him."

Vandergriff crashed into a curb. Hill says, "He said my legs hurt. My legs hurt. They said we don't care you should have thought about that before you ran."

Neighbor Bruce Melan says, "It was like an earthquake sound. We went outside and saw them all zooming past."

Quinton Joynes says, "I saw the car going by. He was right here! Then a million cars came following him. Then he took off towards Food City."

Officers put Vandergriff in the back of a police cruiser, but they let him out because he was feeling sick. Vandergriff ended up throwing up on the officer who pulled him out of the cruiser. Then they put him in the paddy-wagon and took him to jail.

Vandergriff faces theft over one thousand dollars, driving under the influence first offense, evading arrest, driving on revoked license and simple possession. Sevier County tells Local 8 News he has previous charges of aggravated assault, burglary, theft of property and vehicle burglary.