New Addition to Airplane Filling Station

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)--It's the last remaining piece, the cherry on top if you will of what has taken years to do is finally in place.

The propeller will sit proudly for years to come on the airplane filling station on Clinton Highway in Knoxville.
It was a gift from a shop class of the Anderson County Career Technical Center.
Tom Bruno of the Preservation Association told Alan,
"To do something to preserve our community and some of the heritage here and some of the classic things and to bring it back makes your proud. Oh yes, out
west on route 66, there were places like this that they knocked down,
I know for a fact in Jersey ,gas stations were like space ships other buildings were like the Leaning Tower of Pizza was one, they all knocked them down to make the highway

With the original prop as a guide they modeled a new one in wood

This is 1930, the area where the Wal Mart shopping center in Powell is now located.

Over 80 years later thick woods changed to concrete, it's become a bustling part of North Knox County.

The Airplane Filling Station has also been a part of that transformation.

Brothers Elmer and Henry Nickle built the unique structure along Clinton Highway then called US-25 around 1930 but the years took its toll.

Since 2003 the Airplane Filling Station Preservation Society saved their nickles, dimes and quarters from garage sales and converted it into a major restoration.

"it's well worth saving, that's why we got together, we fell in love with it and it's very important to the area.

And one of a kind.