Anderson County Jail addition opening soon

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) Inside the new addition at the Anderson County Jail, computer systems control almost everything.

Captain Larry Davidson explained "It makes officers safe, it's also safer for the staff here. And for the inmates."

Overcrowding is a major problem at the current detention facility-- and at one point was on the verge of losing state accreditation.

At times, 30 inmates are housed in on area-- violent and non-violent criminals together.

But, the new addition adds 212 room, putting the facility back up to state standards.

"We'll be able to separate inmates according to their classification which will be much safer," said Captain Davidson.

The new facility is designed with a pod layout, meaning all inmates can be watched 24-7.

Davidson said, "This will be what we call direct indirect. Not only will it be cameras, but the officer will also be present walking in and out of the pods."

All of these renovations come with a price tag of more than 10 million dollars. It is all being paid for by the taxpayers.

Emily Parfitt said, " It will make me feel more safe. You don't have to worry about anyone breaking out of the jail. It's just better for the community. I don't mind paying extra."

In all, 86 employees will work at the jail. Four guards will be on duty at all times.

In that new addition will also be a new program for inmates-- a workhouse.

It will allow non-violent offenders to go to work during the day-- then return to jail at night.

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