New Bell County Clerk appointed after abrupt retirement

BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WVLT/WYMT) -- Clerk Becky Blevins abruptly retired effective immediately. The judge-executive has appointed Rob Lincks to finish her term.

The Bell County Clerk's office was closed again on Friday.

As required by law, state auditors came to the office and started reviewing records and closing the books on Blevins' time in office.

"We've got a mess. We've all got to band together and work together as a community and help get this clerk's office back to what it once was," says Albey Brock, Bell County Judge-Executive.

Brock did not want to appoint anyone who is a candidate for the office to fulfill the term.

"We have a full slate of candidates running for clerk now, and I felt it only prudent not to appoint anyone whose on the ballot or had intentions seeking that office," says Brock.

Lincks started work immediately.

"It's a huge deal. It's a larger mess than we though it was going to be. Got a good staff, so we feel we'll be able to re-open the office the way it used to be. It will be a pleasant experience when you come to buy your car tags or do transactions in the Bell County Clerk's office," says Rob Lincks, new Bell County Clerk.

Lincks say the clerk's office in the Bell County Courthouse in Pineville will re-open on Monday and will not be closed again.

All clerk's office staff members still have their jobs, but officials say some have chosen to leave.

Lincks say as soon as staffing is back to normal, he will re-open the Middlesboro clerk's office.

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