New Grainger County jail locks proposal

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We told you about Grainger County jail cell door locks that are broken.
Some are still not fixed, but there is a proposal for a new lock system.

Right now the jail has an air lock system, which is outdated and easily manipulated by inmates. Chief Deputy Charles Biddle tells me they want an electrical system that works better, but it comes with a hefty price.

It's called the wedge system. It's a surface mount lock pocket that has a red or green security status that guards can easily see. They use the same locks in Fulton County jail in Atlanta.

It would be installed on every cell door. Grainger County has 28 cells and four doors still don't locked. Chief Biddle tells me they've fixed 6 of them. They had a problem this weekend with inmates getting out of their cells, but Local 8 learned the inmates were reprimanded.

Deputy Chief Charles Biddle says, "You have to watch them constantly and get on them if they stick their head out. It's just a constant worry we could bypass if we had a way of locking it up."

The new locks cost $60,000. So County Mayor Mark Hipsher says a bid has to go our and the county commission must vote on them.
There's a meeting Monday night in the Grainger County Justice center to talk about the funding for the new locks.