New Northshore Elementary opens without major traffic issues

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The summer's over for kids in Knox County, and some headed back to class in brand new schools. As Northshore and Carter Elementary Schools welcomed students for the first time, some concerned parents contacted us, worried about traffic.

Some parents were worried about traffic at the new Northshore Elementary School today, but things were smooth sailing for the first day of school. Diane Russell shows off pictures of her 12 year-old son's first day of fourth grade. She was so excited for him, and feeling even better knowing that traffic wasn't a nightmare. Diane Russell says, "We left about 7:15 and didn't run into any trouble on Northshore turning in here."

Traffic on Northshore was non-existant even at 7:30. Despite concerns, the two lane road that leads up to the school wasn't congested at all. Russell says, "We came and there were 6 cars in front of us. We hit the arrow and were in quickly. We're from A.L. Lotts and it's a lot quicker than it was at Lotts."

Roy Hutchens says, "It moved pretty smooth. They've done the enginneering pretty good back here. There's a loop around the school so no issues."

Officials designed the parking lot so 100 cars can be on campus which gets them off the street and roadways. Dr. Jim McIntyre says, "It seemed to go pretty well. We worked hard finding a traffic pattern that would work."

Now Diane can focus on her son's learning, and rest easy knowing he'll be at school on time. If you have any problems, then give the school a call so they can fix anything that's wrong.