New Salvation Army Thrift store opens in Oak Ridge

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Community leaders were on hand Thursday morning for the grand opening of the Salvation Army's new Thrift store in Oak Ridge.

It's 6,000 square feet of gently used items at rock bottom prices.

Knoxville Area Commander, Major Albert Villafuerte said "You can buy nearly new items for $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99. We also have a system that clears out our merchandise every month and drops our prices 25%."

But what really matters is how this new store is helping everyone in the community.

"We recycle furniture, clothing, we accept cars and boats and those kinds of things but we also use the funds that are collected here to help individuals that need a hand up. " said Major Villafuerte

The Salvation Army will give people vouchers to the thrift store to pick up some new clothes for a job interview or even back to school. They help people with paying utility bills and hire people that need a second chance at life.

Cindy Anderson was one of those who just needed someone to give her a chance.

"I wanted to chance my life. I couldn't find a job so I started working with the Salvation Army. They helped me when no one else would." said Cindy

She has been working with the warehouse that sorts the donations for a year and says she's grateful for this new opportunity.

"They've been there for me not only with employment but with prayer. They've ministered me and have guided me on the path of a productive life for my daughter and I." said Cindy

This is the first store in Oak Ridge but if sales go well with the new location, they'll open another store in the future.

The store is located at 350 N. Illinois Ave in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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