New Yorker cartoon pokes fun at TN politics

ROANE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) --- You can see it from 2 miles away, the words are written in bolder but its the message that really grabs your attention.

Mile marker 362 of interstate 40 and a billboard that reads "Obama or America, you can't have both."

A contributor for the New Yorker noticed and now its the subject of one of those pen and paper sketches that helped make the magazine famous.

"It was in your face, we intended it to be," The Roane County Tea Party put the sign up, "it was supposed to get attention and it did but we stand by what it says." Chuck Smith the party's Communication Director says the sign has been up since August and the phone's started ringing shortly after that.

But the message might be more complex than the one sentence fifty feet in the air.

"The America as you know it is going to change and you can't have both America as you know it and Barack Oama as President." Smith tells us.

When we asked him if this sign is just an example of that ugly divide between left and right Smith simply said "Probably"

Then elaborated. "If your car is headed for the cliff you don't negotiate to slow down." Smith told us. "You talk about turning it around."

The Tea Party only paid for the sign to be up through October but it will stand free of charge until a new sign is rented.