New beginning for McClung warehouse

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An emotional economic scar on the city of Knoxville could soon be healed with a plan that aims to erase the marks of a serious fire.

Back in 2007, Local 8 News interviewed firefighter Jeff Kindrick in his hospital room. Through a cluster of wires and tubes he said, "I think about that fire a lot."

And how could he not. After all, it was the fire that nearly killed him.

Kindrick said, "I think about how grateful I am that everybody that was involved didn't get hurt any worse than they did."

Kindrick and three other firemen survived the McClung Warehouse fire, but the historic building did not. And ever since February 7th, 2007, an economic fright settled in and stayed.

Mayor Madeline Rogero said, "This is what they see the backs of these burnt out buildings they see really an awful front door for Knoxville... People have asked 'What about Jackson Avenue what about those McClung warehouses'."

Six years of those questions have passed, and finally, an answer.

Rogero said, "We look forward to bringing you some new neighbors."

The city announced plans to buy the McClung warehouse buildings for nearly half a million dollars, hoping a developer will come along and restore life to the scarred and storied part of Knoxville's Old City.

Council members still have to approve the plan before the city can stabilize the buildings and shop them around to potential developers.

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