New bill pushes wine sales in grocery stores

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Have you heard this one before? Wine sold in grocery stores?

Its been pushed in Nashville six consectutive years and now you can make it seven.

Rep. Jon Lundberg plans on introducing a bill this coming week that would allow stores to sell wine but here's what seperates his bill from bills in the past;

Local governments would make the decision, not the State.

His bill would give cities and counties the power to say yay or nay on grocery store sales.

Wine would become a food item, just like beer is considered right now. The wine would then be added to a beer license.

Liquor stores could start selling snacks, cups, and corkscrews along with being able to sell beer.

But there are still some big questions.

Lundberg has not defined what a grocery store is and that could be open to interpertation.

Gas stations and small markets are allowed to sell beer, would they be allowed to cash in on wine to?

The representative says he hasn't finished writing the bill just yet but still plans on introducing it soon.

A vote could come ninety days after it is introduced.