New bill re-examines Zero Tolerance policies

LOUDON CO, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Colt Jones' death, just like his picture, still hangs over his father.

Just four months after he found his son hanging from a tree in the backyard Thom Jones is trying to understand how it could have happened.

"I found a note," a teary eyed Jones told us. "I never taught him to be a punching bag but he was afraid of getting kicked out of school. School meant a lot to him."

Many schools in TN have whats called zero tolerance policies for fighting.

You fight, you're gone. Punishments are severe.

But a new bill, (Senate Bill 113/House Bill 860) would change that policy.

Zero tolerance for the instigator, but why not give kids a fighting chance to fight back without being kicked out.

Colt's dad backs the bill and so does the Professional Educators of Tennessee who call it common sense.

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