New fire station opens in Anderson County

Folks in Anderson County are about to save on insurance rates, but better fire protection could cost them somewhere else.

They're sweeping, drilling and doing some last minute plumbing work Tuesday to get ready for their grand opening!

A group of dedicated men have been working for more than 2 years building Andersonville's newest fire station.

"It used to be the Belmont school," says Lt. EMT Caleb Tuell, "We got the property and we will be able to better serve the members of this side of our district."

It's a side of town where the risk was high, if a home caught fire, it took longer get there.

"If they're within 5 miles of a firehouse, ISO assumes we're going to have a faster response time," he says, "by doing that we can lower the interest rates and save homeowners money."

Even though people will save money on insurance, they'll have to pay 8 cents a square foot for their membership dues.

That's $120 a year for a 1,500 square foot house.

"A lot of counties have fees to run their fire departments on," says Ben Rindour, he helped build the station, but he also lives near it, so he will be paying the yearly dues too. "We've got some people who are against it but they'll come around."

So what if people say they don't want to pay? The department will still respond but ...

"We will send them an invoice, at the end," says Tuell.

And that bill might be more expensive than the yearly dues.

The dues will make be it possible to have live in firefighters, something most volunteer departments don't have.

"At station one, we already have full station coverage 24/7, 365 days a year. Here we'll have three live-ins every night and an engine, that way if there's a fire we'll have two engines rolling out on every call."

This Belmont Department is now the third station serving Andersonville and Northeast Anderson County .

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