Study: States with more gun control laws have fewer gun related deaths

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--A new study says more gun control laws means fewer gun related deaths. Is this common sense or coincidence?

Amelia Childers is a new mom who cherishes her right to own a gun.
Amelia Childers says, "One night there was peeping tom, and he really scared me. After that night the fear of not knowing how to protect myself, that's when I learned how to shoot the gun."

Many people in Tennessee choose to own firearms for protection, as well as hunting. A new study by the Journal of American Medical Association shows those states with the most gun control laws have the fewest gun related deaths. Childers says, "I'm not opposed to stricter gun laws, but how far can you take it?"

Family Physician William Colbert is a proponent of stricter gun laws and read the new study. William Colbert says, "Is there any relationship with 35-50 percent of world's guns owned by Americans and we the fact have a massive homicide and suicide rate in America?"

He calls gun control a public health issue. Colbert says, "One hundred twelve million dollar cost for people killed, 600 million dollar cost for the people who are not killed and loss of work 40.5 billion dollars."

People like Amelia will be able to keep their weapons. Lawmakers in Nashville aren't debating any new gun control laws this year.
Representative Bill Dunn says, "In Tennessee, people are more pro-second amendment. People grow up with guns. They use them for hunting. They believe in protecting their families so so we don't have the outcry that a lot of liberal states have. People see guns as part of their lives and family and they're not concerned."

I also talked to Representative Ryan Haynes about the study.
He says there's no correlation between gun related deaths and gun control laws. He tells me Tennessee has sufficient gun laws on the books and we need to enforce what we have.

According to the study, Louisiana has the most gun related deaths.
Hawaii has the least.

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