New website strives to make Dragon safer

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Thousands of people come to East Tennessee to drive on a scenic, but dangerous road.

Accident scenes are all too common on the Dragon, a section of US Highway 129 popular among motorcyclists. Blount County Sheriff's Officer Jared Millsabs says, "The accidents are a result of a lot of speed and inexperience."

So the sheriff's office is stepping up their patrols and education.
Now there's a new website from the Blount County Sheriffs office.
Lt. Randy Ailey says, "I'm trying to find a way to educate people about the Dragon who are not from here."

The website lists statistics. In the last ten years, there were a total of 28 deaths. Twenty-seven of those were on motorcycles. Last month there were no fatalities, but in May there were three. The website also offers safety tips. Lt. Ailey says, "Maybe make them aware when they come to the area of what they need to be looking for because last thing we want is someone to get hurt or killed."

Jack Rose has been taking pictures of riders on the Dragon for 7 years. He thinks the website is a good idea. Jack Rose says, "If you have a clue what could happen, it will cut back on your chances of something bad happening."

The website has had a lot of visitors. Lieutenant Ailey tells Local 8 he's already received 100 e-mails from people asking questions about the Dragon.