Newport mom addresses board on bullying

NEWPORT, Tenn.(WVLT)--A Newport mom who's son was bullied so bad he threatened to end his life, gave an emotional plea before the school board Tuesday night.

Tammy Bell told the Cocke County School Board her 8th grade son was bullied so bad at Edgemont Elementary School, he would vomit when he came home, cut himself, and even threatened to end his life.

Monday was Jess's first day back at school after spending a week undergoing counseling.

Tammy Bell told Local 8 News, her plea wasn't taken seriously.
"I was really stunned, the silence and when I spoke up again, it was like they didn't want to hear it, or want to deal with it, there were more financial more materialistic more important things to handle than a life."

Bell says she will continue her fight to be heard to help stop the bullying at Jess's school and others.

She hopes to start a discussion group for parents. We'll keep you posted on any new developments.

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