Newport mom takes her fight against bullying to the school board

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NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT)--A Newport mom is taking her fight against bullying to the Cocke County School Board after her son almost killed himself.

Jess Bell is a victim of bullying so bad he was throwing up, cutting himself and threatening to take his own life. Jess's Mother Tammy Bell says, "He feels it's going to happen again, but he's got to be strong enough not to let it get him down."

Earlier this month Tammy said she was worried about her son, now she's taking her stand against bullying public. Tammy said, "I want to go into schools once a month to talk about this. To address the issues to prevent from happening to the other kids."

The safety supervisor said they investigated the bullying. They won't say how they handled it because of federal privacy laws. Cocke County School Complaints and Safety Supervisor Casey Kelley said, "All parties have been addressed as need be and a plan has been put in place to prevent it from happening again."

Kelley tells us that plan includes three additional interviews over the next month with the Jess, the guidance counselor, the teacher and students. Kelley said, "We're in the process of keeping a bullying checklist to make sure we can identify victims and students who have been alleged bullies."

Kelley wouldn't say if there's a history of bullying with the kids who he says threatened him, but Kelley did offer some advice. Kelley said, "Go up to the nearest adult and say I need help. "

As for Tammy, she hopes to stop bullying once and for all.