Niota could lose insurance, face shut down

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NIOTA, Tenn. (WVLT) The City of Niota, TN will lose its liability coverage at 12:01am on June 18th. Tennessee Municipal Liability decided to pull coverage because of a numerous amount of claims and a lack of cooperation from the city.

By losing the insurance, the city will be without police, fire, and other services.

Niota resident, Susan Watkins, is unwilling to go without the services. She says, "I'll be glad when everything straightens out and gets back to normal and our city can run like its suppose to."

Alan Carter, who works at Athens Insurance and insures many communities across the state, says this is an uncommon situation. He says the city can recover. "Its all about getting Niota's affairs in order and its about them handling business correctly as a municipality," says Carter.

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