Niota's emergency services put on hold

Niota, Tenn. (WVLT) - Time is ticking for a small town. Niota is losing its insurance. If it can't find another company the city could shut down.
Niota's been around for almost 160 years. It's been through the Civil War, The Great Depression and two World Wars. Now, its in jeopardy.

"We're going to lose the city - it'll no longer be a city," said former commissioner Donald Young.

Police and fire services will come to a grinding halt. Some 15 people will lose their jobs.

The Niota Fire Chief, Harrison Slack, said,"Fire protection will be degraded. If they have a fire and don't live close to the hydrant we'll be losing services to the tank."

Meaning more than 600 folks who call Niota home - must depend on the county.

Some people said two city commissioners harassed them in Niota's City Hall.

"When I was a commissioner they did stuff to me it was bad things," said Young.

Until the city has new liability insurance - emergency vehicles will remain parked.

We did reach out to Commissioner Richard Rutledge, he didn't return our calls.

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