North Knoxville deli and customers robbed

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- The search is on for whoever robbed at the Vic and Bills Deli and some of their customers, in North Knoxville.

Knoxville Police say they are still interviewing witnesses and following up on leads. But officers did manage to locate some of the stolen property and are working to return it to the owners.

KPD says several customers had their wallets and cell phones taken at gunpoint by two armed men Sunday afternoon.

"It was scary. I was shaking," said Ryan Moss.

Moss had just ordered his food when the men stormed in.

"Two guys ran up to the door real quick wearing bandanas and they had bags on their feet. And at first they came in and I thought what is this, and we all thought it was a joke or something. Then they started yelling and one of them pulled out a gun," said Moss.

Owner Sherry Captain said about a thousand dollars was taken from the cash register.

"In my younger years I probably would've come out here and slapped them silly, but I'm not young anymore so I was just trying to get the alarm to go off," said Captain.

The alarm never worked, but Captain said police arrived quickly. They were able to track down customers' cell phones in a nearby dumpster on Magnolia Avenue, but the wallets weren't there.

"I'm just mad. For robbing my customers and us. Because we've worked hard all day," said Captain.

Descriptions of the men are vague. Both are described as black men wearing bandanas, and witnesses say one was tall and one was short.

Witnesses were interviewed at both scenes.

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