North Knoxville man watches floodwater inch up to house

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NORTH KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Many across the region have experienced a steady downpour for most of the day.

One north Knoxville man is watching his yard as the flood waters close in on his home. His house has already flooded three times, and he hopes this will not be number four.

His side and backyards have already turned into small lakes. Wayne Brown says it's due to the debris clogging the ditches, and when it rains hard, the water ends up on his yard.

He spent an hour shoveling dirt and debris out of the gutter in front of his house, clearing a ditch, which has helped but it's not a solution.

Brown's family moved in six years ago, but says he wasn't told that the home was prone to flooding.

The city, FEMA, and Red Cross have helped, but he says he even lost his home insurance because of the situation.

"I was just to a point today, soaking wet. All my clothes are wet, I was sniffling, moving it, and I said something's gotta be done. Someone can help me," said Brown.

Brown's going to move the belongings in his home near the flooding to higher ground if it comes closer. He's holding out hope that all the standing water stays in his yard and away from his home.

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