Volunteer Spirit: Northshore PTA runs fundraisers for playground

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn (WVLT) -- Construction crews are still pushing dirt, and hanging chalkboards and cabinets at the soon to be Northshore Elementary, near Publix and Target.

It will be the new kid on the block when finished.
Principal Susan Davis says, "It's a great school, we're seeing great progress, we're going to be ready, we just can't wait."

Even the students are thrilled.
A group that met with us agreed, "Yes! Probably because it's new."

Construction crews and trucks will be goneby the time school starts later this year. But something else will be missing, a playground.

No swings, no slides, no basketball hoops. The reason, no money!

Lisa Cole says, "Kids need a well rounded education. They will get a lot in the classroom. We're so focused on their learning, but really outside there's so much more to education outside of the classroom."

That's why some moms with the Northshore Elementary PTA are stepping in with volunteer spirit. They want to raise the money needed, and not for one, but two playgrounds.

Lisa says, "One will be a kindergarten through second grade. Then another for third through 5th. It will be a colorful and safe environment , ideally a rubberized ground so when it's damp they can still go outside."

And on that playground, the kids want a giant swirly slide, monkey bars, a swing, and more.

But the PTA needs to raise $100,000 dollars.

Knox County Schools donated $10,000 grand.
The new McDonald's nearby, another $1,000.
And about $20,ooo more came from various donors.
So they still need about $70K more.

Lisa says, "People have come out of the woodwork to support us and start planning events. The 5k is just the first, then a golf tournament in the fall and an auction in the winter, so there's a lot of people who want their children to have a playground."

A mom with a student about to attend the new school, Tonja Alsobrooks says, "Healthy kids make happy kids and happy kids make great learners. So out there, they're getting exercise, they are going to be happy when they get back in the classroom and have to sit down."

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