Crimetracker: Not satisfied with the score, robber gives cash back

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) --- It started with one step.
A man, tall, with a mask covering his face took that step into Stephanie's Ultimate Tanning.

"All she could see was his eyes and he come in and laid the gun right on the counter." Stephanie England told me. The owner was not there, but she was recanting her 17 year old cashier's story.

"She gave him the money we had and he said 'that's not enough, you've got more money than that' so she pulled the drawer out."

There was no more. The safe was empty. That's when something unexpected happened.

"He got mad and said, 'this isn't even worth it, here you go.' And just left." He handed her 40 dollars back? I repeated. "Yes. Can you believe he gave the money back? I mean its still 40 dollars."

But failure didn't stop the masked man. He might have struck out at the tanning place but he wasn't done yet.

He hopped in his car and drove 7 minutes to Check Into Cash.

He walked out with money but not before the store stole a picture.

Now Morristown Police are looking for help identifying the man behind the mask.

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