November's Adoptable Horses

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Weanlings are available as Horse Haven of Tennessee prepares to host its monthly Adoption Day on Saturday, November 9th.

Local 8 News Anchor Amanda Hara visited the farm with Photojournalist Pat Middendorf to get a look at four babies who need homes.

Velvet and Sapphire are Walking Horse weanlings who arrived with their mothers from an abuse case in Blount County.

Biscuit was born on the farm to another mare who came from the same case. Dora is a 2 year-old Arabian-Thoroughbred cross that acts as their babysitter.

Sonja Cowsert works for Horse Haven and said, "These babies have not have anything bad happened to them. Their mother's were negelected. These are not abused babies, these are not neglected babies, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and they got here just in time."

Biscuit has a very laid back personality and spends most of his time sleeping or on the brink of a nap.

Cowsert said, "The fillies are much more in your face looking for trouble exploring things they are more challenging."

Dora stands for the farrier, leads, trailers and ties. The weanlings all stand for the farrier and lead as well.

Someone with experience breaking babies will be best suited for these horses.

The adoption day is Saturday, November 9th at 2417 Reagan Road from 10 until 2.

Horse Haven will also be accepting gently used coats to donate to Coats for the Cold.

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