Oak Ridge cars freeze over

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The rain started falling about 4:00 this morning in Oak Ridge.

The drizzle quickly turned into freezing rain, which was obvious on parked cars across the city.

Bob Lynch was leaving work at 7:00 am, when he had to start defrosting his car.

"Well I've had my car going about 15 minutes, and it's still a block of ice," said Lynch. "I haven't seen anything like this in a number of years. We'd get a lot of this off and on in the past, haven't seen this though in along time."

Another obstacle was the ice in the parking lot of the Oak Ridge Comfort Inn. But that's why Trevor Gross and other workers are outside.

"Salt, squeegee and shovel. Hourly," said Gross. "Just basically to keep people coming in and out from sliding into a curb, into other cars parked, and make sure that you can get to your car you're in."

They pre-treated with salt the day before which helped, but there are still slick curbs, sidewalks, and of course, roads.

TDOT and county crews are trying to keep up, and Gross said his drive from Knoxville was better than expected.

"Wasn't too bad. Hit a couple slick spots heading over Old Oak Ridge Highway, but not too bad," said Gross.

But he and others are more nervous about the drive home, as temperatures drop.

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