Officials say McClung Warehouse likely to be demolished Sunday

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- UPDATE: Demolition of the McClung Warehouse buildings will likely start on Sunday.

City officials held a press conference Thursday, announcing they've selected a demolition company, JW Demolition. The company started moving equipment on-side Thursday night.

Alvin Nance, President and CEO of the Knoxville Community Development Corporation, said the city is working on securing the final permits. Officials started working on getting permits last weekend, he said.

Officials said the demolition could start as early as Saturday. Once it starts they estimate it will take two to four days. It will take an addition four to five weeks to clear the site, they said.

The project will cost $142,000 and will be covered entirely by insurance, Nance said.

Officials still plan to move forward with developing the site. The city plans to get public input in the project later this year.

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