Arrest after burglary at Gov. Haslam's father's home

A man was arrested after police said he burglarized big Jim Haslam's home.

According to Knoxville Police, Joshua R. Vandeventer burglarized the home on Lyon's Bend Road, twice.

The first time - March 20th while he was working for the Haslam family, and again on July 4th.

During the March burglary, police said Vanderventer stole money, coins, jewelry and a 1951 SEC championship ring with Jim Haslam's name engraved on it. That ring has not been recovered.

Now, police tracked Vandeventer to Sullivan County where he has family. He was arrested and transported back to Knoxville on Thursday.

Vandeventer faces 2 theft charges and 2 aggravated burglary charges

He's in jail on $47,000 bond.

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