Overnight fires suspicious in Grainger County

WASHBURN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Several fires overnight in Grainger County have people worried that someone may have intentionally set them.

Wanda Frye says her phone rang about 4:20 Wednesday morning from her brother-in-law who believed her barn or moms mobile home was one fire.

"Called and said either my husbands barn was on fire or my mom's mobile home," said Frye. "Flames were taller than the trees and when I looked out all in the sky it was as high as I can see."

Frye says several neighbors also reported fires in barns. She says investigators call the fires suspicious.

"My momma could have not made it if my brother-in-law had not been up early. My mom probably wouldn't be here today," said Frye. "People say it's not safe to leave home, but we were at home. So sometimes it's not safe even at home."

In all neighbors reported 4 fires overnight in the Washburn area of Grainger County.

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