Parents want action to protect students from busy intersection in Farragut

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FARRAGUT, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Four-year-old Tanner and 10-month-old Hadley are Cynthia Venendaal's pride and joy. Like most parents, she wants the best for her kids so she enrolled them in what she calls a top-notch school - Primrose School of Farragut.

But there's one thing she'd like to see added to the school, a guardrail.

The school is off Kingston Pike and Old Stage Road. According to Knox County Sheriff's Office, 15 accidents were reported in the past two years.

Venendaal told Local 8 News her concern and that of other parents is that there's no guardrail protecting the children playing on the playground facing Old Stage Rd.

The back of the building near Kingston Pike is protected by a guardrail.

"Recently, a car did go off the road there, and it did not go all the way down to fence or playground at all but it did raise awareness that it could happen," Venendaal said. "I'd like to see the tragedy prevented and something be installed now and never have to address the situation again."

The school told Local 8 News, "The Primrose School of Farragut shares in the concerns expressed by the parents of our students and we would welcome the addition of a guardrail at the intersection of Kingston Pike and Old Stage Road.”

Venendaal said the school has taken the matter to the Town of Farragut.

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