Parton family wedding chapel and antiques

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "Momma named me, she knew a woman here in town that she liked, and her name was Freida," Frieda Parton says of her namesake.

She's one of the 12 siblings in the Parton family and also a singer like her sister, Dolly.

I ask, “How many albums did you put out? Four?”

“Four,” she confirms.

But nowadays, it's the interior of this 1940's house near Chapman Highway and Winfield Dunn Parkway that’s getting attention.

Freida's turned the house into a mini Parton museum.

"I have no pictures at home, they're all here, because I'm going to be here most of the time until I die,” she says, laughing.

"This is sister’s corner; I've got pictures of Dolly, back when I was in rock and roll, pictures of Stella and Dolly,” she says, showing me photos. "This is my favorite picture of Dolly, I know her like that, most know her like this, but Dolly thinks deep all the time about everything."

Every photo Frieda points to has a story.

"This was mommy and daddy's wedding picture. Momma was 15 and daddy was 17,” she says, adding that their honeymoon wasn't too far away.

"He got some cornbread, he got some buttermilk, got some water, he walked her to the barn, and they spent their honeymoon at the barn," she says.

As for the antiques-- you could call them former keepsakes.

"Me and momma used to do antiquing, antiquing all the time, do somebody’s house, and furniture and a lot of it went to family members,” she says. “And when I opened up this, they called and said, ‘Why don't you come and get some of this stuff, we're downsizing,’ and I said, ‘Well good, I'd be glad for you to downsize!’”

So whether you’re getting hitched or taking home a piece of the Parton family, Frieda wants you to feel like you’re already part of the family. That’s the message she wants each visitor to take home:

"I would like them to say, this is family, I'm part of their family because she let me be," Frieda says.

Driving in your neighborhood, I'm the Tennessee Traveler.

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