"Pat XO" has special showing in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - When Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern Winters were asked to direct a movie about Pat Summitt the co-directors had to find a new way to present the story of Pat. "We kind of took a breath and had to think about it, because how do you tell the story of Pat Summitt that hasn't been told before," Lax says.

The co-directors came up with a unique vision. Send personal cameras to those who know Pat best. It gave a raw and more honest look at coach Summitt from those that know her best. "That's what we tried to do sending out cameras to people all around the country and asking them to film their stories and send them back to us. I think we got a really authentic potrait of who this women is. And I think thats the difference between this and all of the other films that have been done," says Nancy Stern Winters.

Executive Producer John Dahl agrees, adding "What it brings in return, is these revealing personal poignant moments and stories that people really haven't heard before ."

The finished product was on display Wednesday night at the Regal Riviera theater in downtown Knoxville. The finished product does a wonderful job of humanizing a true legend.

The movie airs on ESPN July 9th.

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