People still trying to pick up the pieces after apartment fire

What's left of apartments in Morristown after fire. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- About 25 people were moved to a shelter at the First Presbyterian Church in Morristown after a fire a the Fairway Apartments. The American Red Cross spent the day trying to figure out where the people would permanently stay.

Adrian Collins and his mom fell from a 3rd floor window trying to escape from the flames. He now has a swollen leg while his ribs are bruised.

"I seen my dad hanging from the window and i was trying to help him out and feet slipped down and i blacked out a couple minutes," said Collins. "I seen that everything was on fire and was coming towards us because i was in my room and they told me to get out."

Collins and his family are like many who now have no place to live or clothes to wear. Making a bad situation worse most of the families' first language is Spanish, making it difficult for them to communicate with emergency responders.

Laura Flores said she got home when she saw the fire and rescue crews and was not able to get into her home. She didn't have renters insurance and to top it off she lost her life savings. Many of these people say they don't trust banks and kept all their cash and jewels at home.

"I had just gotten home when I saw all the fire and the rescue crews. I was not able to get into my home," said Flores. "In the fire I lost my savings in cash money, jewels, television and furniture, and all the baby's things. Mostly our savings burned up."

The owner of the building says he won't re-build leaving a void in housing for these people.

Firefighters say they have not figured out what caused the fire to start.

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